Infographic: The Day the Internet Stood Still

Infographic: The Day the Internet Stood Still

Featured image credit: Steve Jurvetson

Jason from Frugal Dad has posted a fantastic infographic, which outlines the scope and impact of the 18 January 2012 SOPA/PIPA protests. In Jason’s own words:

The Jan. 18th protest was the largest in U.S. history; our new graphic recounts that momentous day for social media users in tweets, emails and calls. We invite you to pay respects to this online movement that inspired/pressured 13 SOPA-supporting senators (and 3 co-sponsors) to issue statements against overly-strict online privacy measures. And as exciting as the success of this online mobilization has been, our efforts only tabled two of the worst censorship bills to ever face the web.


It really was an incredible day, and inspiring to see such an unprecendented level of global solidarity as communities from around the Web fought to protect the free Internet.

Unfortunately, the fight is far from over (see ACTA), and I’m sure this protest will only affirm the misguided beliefs of those who think the Internet is something to be feared or exploited for their own gain. Interesting times.



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